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8 Quick Tips For Hiring a Roofing Contractor

St Louis has its share of of good roofing contractors, not-so-good roofing contractors and the dreaded fly-by-night contractors.

So how do you separate the contractors you want to work with, from the ones you’re going to regret hiring? Easy! Use these 8 easy to remember tips.

Only Work with Licensed Contractors

Licensed contractors have to follow certain local and state guidelines in everything they are doing. They will make sure their work is to code and are much less likely to cut corners. Non-licensed Contractors are also likely from a fly-by-night operation.

Verify They’re Insured

Without insurance, you could be liable for injury that happens to workers, working on your roof. Your contractor must have insurance.

Get a Guarantee or Warranty

And not just a warranty, a written warranty. Handshakes don’t hold up in court. Get the details of the warranty in writing, in case you need to use the warranty later.

Check Their Communication Habits

Are they easy to contact throughout the bid and contract process? If not, it is likely to get worse once they have the contract signed. When problems occur, they should notify you immediately and they should be willing to clearly answer all questions upfront.

Get References With Locations and Pictures

A good contractor won’t mind you seeing pictures of their previous work and even swinging by the locations to verify it was their work and that it is still holding up well.

Look into Company History

A company without experience, or at least experienced roofers on their team could be a

real problem. Checking how many years they have been in business and online reviews is a good way to see that they have been around for a while.

Ask for a Clear Time Frame

You don’t want

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to be surprised when your contracted roofer doesn’t start on your roof right away. Equally important is that they finish as quick as possible once they start the job. Having a half installed roof can cause damage to your home in the elements.

Get it All in Writing!

Just like the warranty, you’ll want the contract, time frame, price and all other

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a contract that is signed by both parties.

If you have any other questions on what to look for, feel free to contact your local BBB, or give us a call today and we will prove to you we can exceed all your expectations.

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