Written by: MLK Construction
March 5, 2016

Winter weather can be detrimental to your roof and cause roof damage.

The snow, ice, constant freezing and thawing, and strong winds can create several issues that aren’t a problem other times of year. Be sure to look out for all of these scenarios…


Odds are if you own a home, you have a sloped roof. And if you’ve owned it for long, you have probably dealt with leaky flashings at some point. Flashings are the strips of metal that are placed along the front edge, corners and ridges of your roof and around your chimney and skylights.

When flashings are not properly installed, and sometimes just becomes of bad weather, they can start to pull away from your roofing material and lead to leaks. This tends to happen more often in the winter time.

The best way to keep this from becoming a major problem is to inspect your flashings every six months. That way you have prior warning if anything starts to become loose.


It may sound odd to you, but icicles are normally formed when it is sunny out. A combination of a sunny day with sub-freezing temperatures can form these pretty, yet dangerous icicles all along your roof.

Having your gutters cleared of leaves, needles, and other debris is the best way to prevent icicles from forming. This means that after fall is over with and it starts to get cold is the perfect time to clear your gutters so that there is no chance for them to get clogged again during the season.


When an improperly insulated attic goes through constant temperature changes, condensation can form. This in itself isn’t a concern. However, the mold and mildew it leads to can damage the interior structure of your home.

Make sure your attic is properly insulated and ventilated. Besides the mildew and mold problem, an inadequate ventilation can shorten the life of your roof.


Strong winter storm winds can be a problem in St Louis. When wind speeds are high, they can loosen shingles gradually. If you ever notice shingles or other parts of your roof on the ground, contact a roofer like MLK construction as soon as possible because the damage is only going to get worse.


Whether it’s because of strong winds, or a storm, tree limbs can cause anywhere from minor to overwhelming damage to your roof.

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limbs don’t even have to break away from the tree to cause damage. They can scrape the surface of your roof during strong wind storms and you would never be the wiser.

The best protection from these types of problems is to trim any branches that come within eight feet of your home. This has the added benefit of keeping most animals off of your roof as well.

Not sure how your roof is handling the weather this winter? Contact MLK Construction today and we can help you determine if the seasons have caused any damage to your roof, before it gets out of hand.


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