Our Team


Matthew L. Kettner

20150906_160941Matt Kettner is the Owner and CEO of MLK Construction, LLC. He started this company in 2008 during significantly tough economic changes, that impacted many Americans just like himself. Matt had a vision of being a small business owner that embraced his core value of family importance while providing an excellent customer experience. He has been fortunate in his success and is proud to be able to introduce to you a few members of his team of employees, that have played a significant role in meeting his objectives.


Tiffany Kettner

100312 Tiff 225 (2)Tiffany Kettner is the Sr. Office Manager with MLK Construction, LLC. She has held an instrumental role in the company from the early stages of this firm. She has broken many barriers in this industry and perceptions as it relates to a women’s role in the construction/roofing field. Tiffany’s role and position is solely managerial as of now, but it wasn’t always this way. She has performed every duty imaginable as it relates to construction management including sales, marketing and accounting, in addition to overseeing commercial and residential crews in the field on a daily basis.


Jarred Vinyard

IMG_20160321_191210Jarred Vinyard has been with MLK Construction, LLC since 2011. He is currently a Project Coordinator. Prior to his employment here he was in the US NAVY. He first worked construction at 15 years old doing labor during the summer. He enjoys to work outdoors and seeing a project from start to finish. He would say the best parts of his job would be the view he has on these rooftops, and meeting new people on a regular basis. He is a father of four beautiful children who drive him to succeed. He has learned through the years that success in this business comes with a vision of every project as if it was his own. Adopting this philosophy of ownership has given him a strong sense of empathy for his customers as well as fellow employees. He thanks you all for taking the time to get to know a little about him. He looks forward to the day we get to work together in the future.

Darion Howard

IMG_20160321_191244Darion Howard started with MLK Construction, LLC in November of 2012. He started as an entry level laborer. Throughout the course of Darion’s employment with MLK he’s grown from laborer to installer and gradually moved up become a Production Manager. Throughout his 4 years working with MLK construction he has shown that he can be a dedicated, committed and a very hard worker. Darion has gone from being inexperienced in his field of work and knowing very little to training others on the ends and outs of roofing. Darion looks at MLK construction not just as a job but as a family business, that constantly growing an expanding towards the future.

Kimberley Fallon

Kim photoKimberley Fallon is the Operations Manager for MLK Construction, LLC. She started with MLK December of 2014 and prior to that, she worked as Assistant Vice President in Mortgage Originations Management for both Bank of America and Citi for over 28 years. Her background consists of risk evaluation and management, quality assurance and customer and employee experience and satisfaction. She also dedicated numerous hours to train and develop employees working on as a project leader to assist employees on their professional development and branding.

During her time at Bank of America, Kimberley was nominated to sit on an Executive Committee as the Chair for Professional Development for their Military Support Group. This role was in addition to her management position and required several hours each month of volunteer time. She worked on special projects to assist veterans who were looking to get back into the civilian work force and she attended numerous military job fairs representing the bank.

Kimberley’s passion is her family and she loves spending time with her children and grandson’s. She lives in West St. Louis County with her Golden Retriever, Roo.